Audit Para Monitoring System APMS

Audit Para Monitoring System (APMS)

On the recommendation of the Public Accounts Committee, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, O/o Controller General of Accounts has introduced Audit Para Monitoring System (APMS), web based computerized monitoring system for effective monitoring of submission of Action Taken Notes (ATN) on C&AG audit paragraphs, Action Taken Reply (ATR) on PAC observations/recommendations and Explanatory Notes (EN) on Excess expenditure or Saving ₹100 crores and above. Further, on the recommendation of the PAC and suggestion of O/o C&AG, Monitoring Cell has also upgraded the existing APMS Portal to online version (APMS Version 2.0) for online submission of ATNs/ATRs/ENs to minimize the scanning work & avoid physical intervention.

Being the administrator of APMS Portal, Monitoring Cell imparts training to the officers/officials of Ministries/Departments, O/o C&AG & Lok Sabha Secretariat (PAC Branch) on quarterly basis or as per requirement of users. Lok Sabha Secretariat (PAC Branch), O/o C&AG, Ministries/Departments and Monitoring Cell (Administrator) are the stakeholder of APMS Portal.

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